I can't explain when or why this happened, but fake pep talks from old coaches has now become a staple of televised football.  First there was Lou Holtz, then Herm Edwards, and now Jimmy Johnson took his crack on Fox NFL Sunday.  I'm not sure what the point of all of this is, unless the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff has nothing better to do than play a tape of Jimmy Johnson in the locker room.  As if the Jags coaches are sitting around thinking to themselves, "If only we had a well-dressed ex-coach with impeccable hair deliver us a made-for-TV pregame speech, THEN ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS WOULD BE SOLVED."  Also, it's not like the masses at home are sitting on the edges of their seat waiting for Jimmy Johnson to inspire the Jaguars, but whatever.

Besides all of that though, this is actually a really compelling two minutes of television that blows every other fake pregame speech out of the water.  

Johnson's speech was so good, it accomplished its intended result as the Jacksonville Jaguars heroically covered a four touchdown spread.

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