Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX take a car salesman for a wild ride

Ed Note: This article first appeared on our sister site, Awful Advertisements.

Pepsi MAX disguised Jeff Gordon and sent him to a used car dealership. Gordon then asked one unsuspecting car salesman to go for a test drive – one he won't soon forget.

Assuming the car salesman isn't in on it – judging by his believable reactions, we don't think he is – this is one fun and creative stunt. The whole idea is that Pepsi MAX is a zero-calorie cola in disguise as a regular cola, just like Gordon is a professional driver disguised as a moron doing insane stunts on his test drive. 

The reactions from the salesman are terrific. He goes from calm but still trying to make the sale to swearing before ending on "I'm going to kill you" while threatening to call the police. Well played, Jeff Gordon.  (And yes, as Jalopnik points out it's fake, but it still gets the job done.)

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