Viewers of Fox Sports Live may have noticed something different last night.  Gone was the massive side panel graphics showing statistics and other pieces of information relevant to what was being discussed on the show.  Here's what the Fox Sports Live screen looked like when it launched, with only about three-fourths of the screen dedicated to the show and the rest filled with graphics.

And here's what viewers saw last night on Fox Sports Live:

Quite the change.  But are the Fox Sports 1 graphics gone for good?  In a word, no.

According to Fox Sports Live senior producer Scott Ackerson, the lack of graphics on last night's show was a test and not a permanent change for the network.  In fact, it was only experimented with on last night's episode of Fox Sports Live.

FS1's unique look with the massive right sidebar has been a talking point for the young network.  It's reminiscent of sister network Sky Sports News in the UK and certainly makes a distinction versus ESPN.  However, some viewers have seen it cluttering the screen too much.  It'll be interesting to see how FS1 adjusts their visual look moving forward as it continues its evolution.

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