What you're about to witness may be the biggest two minute trainwreck in sports broadcasting this year, and surprisingly, it doesn't come from First Take.  This segment, in which everything that can go wrong does go wrong, actually comes from the award winning studio TNT studio show Inside the NBA.  Let's run down all the bloopers:

1) Shaq's cell phone goes off on set with a text message.  I'm assuming it's a text message because Shaq's phone speaks to him and tells him it's a text message.
2) Shaq throws his phone off screen as it lands on the hard floor, probably breaking it unless it's an iPhone (seriously, those things are indestructible, mine has survived falls from 20 feet.)
3) Shaq's mic isn't working.
4) Charles Barkley becomes distracted by someone off-camera walking into the studio and stops mid-sentence.
5) Barkley takes a shot at a corporate partner saying "We're on truTV tonight America!"
6) Barkley halts his train of thought AGAIN as the TNT soundman sits on Shaq's lap to try and fix his microphone again as the segment finally breaks down in its entirety.

If Inside the NBA does win another sports emmy soon, my guess is this footage isn't going to make its highlight reel.  It does make for hysterical television, though.

Video via The Big Lead

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