Math nerds (like myself) celebrate Pi Day every March 14th to commemorate the awesomeness that is the ratio of a circile's circumference to its diameter.  Pi has seen something of a renaissance with the cultural rise and popularity of Pi Day over the last several years.  Coincidentally (or maybe it's not coincidence), the rise of Pi Day has coincided with the continued push into the mainstream of advanced stats and sabermetrics and a whole reality show dedicated to Nerdvana. (And yes, I actually watched King of the Nerds, which was strangely addicting reality television and it only made me wish there was a sports version with fantasy experts, sabermetricians, and people who blog about announcers.)

But this day long celebration of Pi Day got me thinking… how would ESPN cover Pi Day?  With the Blackhawks no longer on a winning streak, the Miami Heat are going unchallenged with nothing relevant to compare their streak to.  Is Pi's never repeating decimals more or less impressive than the Heat's win streak?  Is Pi really the most awesome of all the irrational numbers, or is it just easier to celebrate because we can't mark a day in the calendar for the square root of 2?  Is Pi truly NOW???  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

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