Hope Solo is no stranger to generating controversy on her Twitter page and elsewhere.  She's ripped Brandi Chastain for her analysis during the Olympics, made a number of wild accusations in her book, and that's not to mention the headlines her relationship with the troubled Jerramy Stevens has drawn.  Solo went from the mainstream of athletes and celebrity as a crossover star for the US Women's National Team to seemingly trying out for her own disjointed reality show.

Wednesday, Solo exhibited more strange behavior as she seemed to accidentally tweet her phone number.  It happens.  Peter King has done it.  Dozens and dozens of other athletes and celebs have done it.  No biggie, right?  Instead of merely saying she was mistakenly trying to send a DM or even claiming she was hacked, Solo tweeted that she was playing a joke on her Twitter followers… errr… fools…

Why would someone tweet their old phone number just to taunt their own followers and fans who they then call fools?  That seems bizarre, utterly pointless, and maybe even a little mean spirited, isn't it?  The asininity continued when Solo then claimed the original phone number belong to a hair stylist and that it was all an April Fools joke…

So the number that was her old cell phone number suddenly belonged to a hair stylist?  Yahoo called the number and it did go to a salon, but that… means… I'm just all the more confused.  Who plays April Fools pranks more than 3 weeks after April 1st and actually finds them to be funny?

If Hope Solo suddenly starts tweeting about "twerking" then we'll know something's really amiss.

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