Granted this is a quick online highlight video for summer league hoops, but this is still one of the most perplexing highlights I've ever seen.  ESPN's clip for the Kings-Mavericks tilt Saturday night is entitled "McLemore shines in debut" for the first game of Sacramento's first round pick Ben McLemore.

The highlight shows McLemore hit all three of his shots, which might lead you to believe the rookie from Kansas had a great first outing.

What it doesn't show you is the rest of the game where McLemore went 1-20 from the field!

That's right, Ben McLemore scored 11 points on 4-23 FGs and 1-11 from 3 point range in 31 minutes.  I guess ESPN didn't care about Josh Akognon's 22 points to lead the Mavs.  McLemore basically cost his team the game.  And yet according to ESPN that was worthy of the entire highlight as if the rest of the game didn't even exist.  


DEVELOPING: Same highlight, different name.  What a coincidence "McLemore shines in debut" would suddenly become private and be replaced by "McLemore struggles in debut."  The funny thing is the highlight still shows McLemore hitting all 3 of his shots.  Make up your mind Bristol!

H/T sirvinator

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