So this is what "Embrace Debate" looks like in its ugly, regional sports network form.  On CSN New England's Sports Tonight, host Gary Tanguay engaged in a schoolyard argument with Kirk Minihane of WEEI about Bill Belichick's need to apologize for the alleged actions of Aaron Hernandez.  Here's a partial transcript of the exchange:

Minihane: "Gary, you're full of crap.  What are you talking about?"

[cross talk]

Minihane: "You are."



Delightful exercise in intellectual gymnastics, isn't it?  Here's more brilliance…

Minihane: "Gary don't be a jerk, seriously."

Tanguay: "I'm not being a jerk, you're being a jerk because that's what you sound like!"

Minihane: "No you're being a jerk who reacts about it."

I've seen better fights in my grade school playground by the foursquare court.  The only things missing here were some wet willies and idioms about rubber and glue.  Just watch the full catastrophe come to life in the video below.  Observe former Red Sox player Lou Merloni's cheshire cat grin as he's helplessly caught drowning in the middle of a sea of idiocy in what I like to call the Paul Rudd seat

For the record, for someone to actually think that Bill Belichick owes an apology as if he somehow bears some responsibility for one of his players possibly murdering someone is one of the most amazing leaps in judgment I've ever seen.  The fact that it spawned the above trainwreck is even more amazing.   I didn't think anything could top First Take for Most Laughably Absurd Debate Segment of the Year, and yet here we are.

In an exclusive, AA can report Tanguay and Minihane still had issues to resolve afterwards in the green room.

[CSN New England]

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