Here’s Michelle Beadle calling a horse race

NBC's coverage of the Kentucky Derby comes your way later this afternoon.  As part of the build up to the race, NBC sent Michelle Beadle up to the broadcast booth to call one of the many races that take place in the lead up to the Derby.  With Fox attempting to turn Gus Johnson into a soccer announcer, it's NBC's turn to up the ante in the announcing game.  The results show… potential?

There were definitely some positives there with Beadle's enthusiam – you always like to see that with prospective announcers.  In terms of things to work on, there's asking out loud whether or not she's missed a horse and identifying horses mostly by color.  Mike Mayock would call those teachable qualities, though.  I asked Beadle about her debut in the broadcast booth after the race:

"I legitimately thought I was kicking ass… and then I had the wrong horse. Sad. Sooooooo sad. Pink looks like orange."

On the bright side, this was on par with Chris Berman's golf announcing skills, so NBC should feel pretty secure in giving this another shot.  

Matt Yoder

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