Greatest Call Tournament – Full Round 1 Results

Round 2 of our Greatest Call Tournament begins tomorrow, but before it does let's catch everyone up to date on the results from Round 1 and the schedule for the upcoming week with Round 2 matchups.  Again it'll be 4 polls going every day this week to find out who makes it to the Sweet 16.  We started with 64 calls in 4 brackets named after some of the best to ever step behind a mic.  Here's the full results with winners in bold…

Gowdy Bracket

1) Miracle on Ice vs Aussie Rules epic finish
8) TO's TD vs Jim Marshall's wrong way run


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4) Manchester City's title winner vs Tracy Porter's SB winner
5) MJ over Ehlo vs Bobby Orr flying through the air

3) Secretariat's Belmont domination vs The best of Gus Johnson
6) Music City Miracle vs Ding dong, the witch is dead!

2) Havlicek stole the ball vs Abby Wambach saves the USA's life
7) Holy Buckeye vs This is not Detroit, man!

McKay Bracket

1) Jack Buck calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs Dickie V's Duke buzzer beater
8) Olympic swimming thriller vs Antonio Freeman's circus catch

4) Bill Buckner's error vs Christian Laettner's buzzer beater
5) Tiger's chip in vs Magic's hook shot

3) The Goal of the Century vs Johnny Rodgers' punt return
6) Run Lindsay Run vs Jackie Smith's drop

2) Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs With no regard for human life
7) Carlton Fisk's home run vs Good ol' JR

Summerall Bracket

1) Go Go USA vs Dickie V's Classic NASCAR finish
8) Joe Carter's home run vs England's World Cup winner

4) Bird's steal vs Gar Heard's jumper
5) Go crazy folks vs The best of Ray Hudson

3) Flutie's Hail Mary vs The slipper still fits
6) Hello Heisman vs App State's upset

2) The band is on the field! vs Miracle at the Meadowlands
7) Yes sir vs Colorado Hail Mary

Allen Bracket

1) The shot heard round the world vs Steve Young's mazy run
8) The Holy Roller vs Arsenal's title winner

4) Send it in Jerome vs Rip Hamilton's buzzer beater
5) It's 715 vs Sid's slide

3) We'll see you tomorrow night vs Ned & Dale Jarrett
6) Dale's Daytona victory vs Look at Mills!

2) Down goes Frazier! vs Holy Mackerel
7) Matteau! Matteau! Matteau! vs MJ's spectacular move

Tuesday's Matchups….

1) Miracle on Ice vs Jim Marshall's wrong way run

4) Manchester City's title winner vs 5) MJ over Ehlo

The best of Gus Johnson vs 6) Music City Miracle

Abby Wambach saves the USA's life vs 7) Holy Buckeye 

Wednesday's Matchups…

1) Jack Buck calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs 8) Olympic swimming thriller

4) Bill Buckner's error vs 5) Tiger's chip in

3) The Goal of the Century vs Jackie Smith's drop

2) Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs Good ol' JR

Thursday's Matchups…

1) Go Go USA vs 8) Joe Carter's home run

4) Bird's steal vs 5) Go crazy folks

3) Flutie's Hail Mary vs App State's upset

2) The band is on the field! vs 7) Yes sir

Friday's Matchups…

1) The shot heard round the world vs 8) The Holy Roller

4) Send it in Jerome vs 5) It's 715

3) We'll see you tomorrow night vs Look at Mills!

2) Down goes Frazier! vs 7) Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!

See you tomorrow for Round 2!

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