Nothing livens up a broadcast more than a raucous crowd cheering and holding signs behind the set during a live shot. On Monday night in Anaheim, Fox Sports West Ducks intermission host Mark Rogondino was treated to an audience of one.

Rogondino was going about his usual hosting duties, when this happened.

Rogondino's new friend is a dedicated one. She remains on the set even after he throws to Lisa Hillary for an interview with Ducks center Daniel Winnik, and stays there for the entire segment until he throws to commercial.

So many questions: Why did she do it? Is she a fan of Rogondino's work? Was it a dare? Maybe she's just an ardent supporter of broadcast television.

Did she say anything when they cut away to the interview? Did Rogondino? Did the crew ask her to move? Did she ignore them?

With all of these questions and very few answers, we did the only thing anyone would do in this situation. We set the footage to song.

Thank you, mysterious Ducks fan—whoever you are, wherever you are—for bringing joy to our lives.

Even if we don't fully understand why you did.

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