James Bates has been featured here before. Back in February 2012, he (hilariously) fell off his stool while previewing a college basketball game between Dayton and Xavier for CBS Sports Network.

The former Florida Gators linebacker was at it again on Thursday night. While co-hosting The New College Football Show with Tommy Bowden on Fox Sports South, Bates managed to reel off nearly 20 De La Soul references in 90 seconds while breaking down the Auburn Tigers.

Throwing a string of pop culture references into a broadcast isn't new. We had tennis announcer Kevin Skinner and his Breaking Bad references.

Then there's the legend, Adam Lefkoe, with his Seinfeld lines, his ode to wrestling and his very own tribute to rap

This one by Bates contains at least 16 references to the hip hop group De La Soul, depending on how you're counting. But one thing's for sure. We could watch these until the "Breakadawn."

[H/T Meagan Swingle]

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