Like some sort of hideous Blob type demon spawn, ESPN2's First Take is expanding once again.  Earlier this winter, ESPN attempted to launch a new Saturday morning edition of First Take starring the ignominious Rob Parker.  Those plans were cut short when Parker destroyed his own career with some of the most outlandish comments on Bristol airwaves.  The last time First Take Weekend aired in its 8 AM Saturday time slot was in the last week of December.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try to inflict pain and torture on us as much as you can.  Stephen A. Smith tweeted, ESPN will begin to air a live half hour edition of First Take in their afternoon lineup at 3:30 PM ET.  This is in addition to the four hours of First Take on ESPN2 from 10 AM – 2 PM ET.  If God wasn't so worried about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl, maybe he could have stopped this…

Every time I think ESPN is turning a corner with the legitimacy and sincerity of their programming and their honest effort to be taken seriously from a journalistic perspective as a company… they throw another half hour of carnival barking, trolling, and least common denominatoring at America.  When we say ESPN is developing a branding problem, this is exactly why.  ESPN is better than a program that wants to give one of its debaters taking credit for motivating Joe Flacco by calling him "Joe Fluke-o."  I really do feel for the many people at ESPN that do good, honest, hard work to see them passed over time and time again at the expense of this circus.

Tommy Craggs was right.  Soon ESPN will be nothing but 24 hours of people arguing with Skip Bayless.

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