Because in the end… it's all about Skip Bayless.  Every great athletic performance in the history can somehow be attributed to the words of the First Take carnival barker.  Try to digest this tweet from First Take without gouging something out…

It wasn't Joe Flacco's ability or skill that won him Super Bowl MVP, no, it was a loudmouth contrarian on an ESPN2 morning show picking the other guy.  I'm sure if David Akers or Justin Tucker had kicked a game winning field goal, First Take would have said it was because Skip Bayless motivated them because he wrote a nonsensical column calling for kickers to be banned from football.

It's a patented move from the Skip Bayless playbook…

1) Predict Team A to beat Team B in Game C.

2) If Team A wins, bask in the glow of your own self-importance for being right in picking Team A.

3) If Team A loses, bask in the glow of your own self-importance and give yourself credit for "motivating" Team B.

4) Troll America.

5) Tebow.

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