ESPN really wants you to know the result of the Broncos-Chiefs game


We as a collective society have a very short attention span.  Perhaps that's why ESPN was so focused on making sure you, the texting, Facebooking, squirrel-chasing viewer at home, was FULLY AWARE that the Broncos beat the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.  Just get a load of these rundown topics…

1) Broncos beat Chiefs – check
2) Manning a mile high – helpful additional reinforcement pertaining to the result of the game in case I may have been confused by that first topic.
3) Perfection ends – I think it's clear at this point what happened.
4) Broncos take over first – aren't we reaching a little overkill here?
5) Chiefs come up short – now this is just rubbing it in.

I still don't get it SportsCenter, JUST TELL ME WHO WON THE GAME!!!  Why is that so hard?

(H/T bradvasko via JeffDLowe)

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