We've seen a ton of clever, creative videobombs this year throughout the sports world, but this may be my favorite.  Creighton met San Diego State in one of five thousand early season tournaments Friday night at the Wooden Legacy.  Coming back from halftime, a group of Aztec fans used the ESPN banner behind announcers Dave Flemming and Sean Farnham for their own human Whack-A-Mole game.  

For all of you people who think it's cool to merely wave, or make faces, or get out your cell phones behind the announcers table at a basketball game, your time has passed.  If you're going to make your presence known behind the announcers and in front of the camera, make the best of it.  Turn your fan section into a human arcade game.

Best.  Fan.  Videobomb.  Ever.

Video via MatthiusBishop

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