At the end of the Drexel-Hofstra game on Wednesday, the game was tied at 52. With 5.9 seconds left, the inbounds pass went to junior guard Franz Massenat, who was swarmed by a pair of Hofstra defenders and couldn't even get to half court. Just before the final horn sounded, Massenat threw up a prayer of a shot that somehow went in.

Drexel radio announcer Rob Brooks went absolutely haywire after the buzzer beater, with his voice actually cracking at times, While it's a good call from Brooks, I think he oversold the gravity of it a little bit, considering that Drexel is having a down year after a stellar 2011-2012 season that saw them make it to the NIT quaterfinals, and that they likely won't be playing in the postseason this March. I prefer the call from last Saturday's Butler-Gonzaga buzzer beater compred to this one, but that's not saying this is a bad call…. it's just not as consequential in the grand scheme of things.

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