This image emerged on the interwebs yesterday thanks to Romenesko from a Tim Tebow speaking engagement in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The media covering the event were given a handy guide on what to do and what not to do at the event.  Actually, they were given restrictions on covering Tim Tebow that would be on par with a dictator of a small country or principality…


In spite of the circus that's surrounded Tim Tebow, I still think he has a unique ability to deliver his message to people and be a positive influence… if his handlers get out of the way.  There's nothing like seeing "Media will not be allowed to ask Mr. Tebow any questions before, during, or after he speaks" to take someone's personal image from likable and genuine and relatable to carefully crafted PR machine.

It seems to be a pretty outlandish set of strict guidelines for a speaking engagement by a backup quarterback in a mid-sized Texas town, doesn't it?  After spending a year in New York, could the Corpus Christi press corps really be that scary? 

(via Romenesko)

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