The landmark Rogers-NHL deal has totally transformed the sports media landscape in Canada.  One of the most interesting aspects of the contract is that Rogers has complete and total control over NHL rights in the country and is sublicensing a package to CBC so they can continue the traditional "Hockey Night in Canada" brand for the time being.  Therefore, HNIC will continue on CBC, but Rogers gets to decide the presentation and perhaps most importantly, the talent.

The most notable aspect of that programming, no matter how you feel about him, is Don Cherry.  So far, Rogers has been non-committal with regards to the future of the 79 year old Canadian icon.  

On the one hand, HNIC's ratings are always strong, and Cherry is such a big name north of the border (he was once named one of the 10 greatest Canadians… ever… no, really!) that any change would result in shockwaves across the country.  On the other hand, Cherry's increasingly extreme commentary has more than worn out its welcome and now might be the perfect time for a long overdue change with Rogers taking total control over NHL broadcasting in Canada.

This weekend on Coach's Corner, Cherry just happened to take some time out from discussing the NHL to make his case to Rogers and everyone else who was listening on why he shouldn't be going anywhere.

And yes, he casually compares himself to Bobby Orr in the process.

"Don't try to ruin a good thing, just leave us alone and we'll be just as good next year."

Who wouldn't want to work with someone so pleasant and amiable!  If I were Rogers, I wouldn't just keep Cherry, I'd add his good friend Rob Ford to the mix to add some much needed spice to Coach's Corner next year.  Why not go ahead and double down on the insanity?

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