Days after blowing up Twitter and creating quite the controversy by suggesting that female reporters shouldn't be allowed in men's dressing rooms, Don Cherry defended his stance during the first intermission of the Leafs-Bruins playoff game Wednesday night on CBC, stating that "things that go on in the dressing room when the women are in there are disgusting."

Cherry alluded to a Cathal Kelly column in last week's Toronto Star, in which Kelly referenced a recent incident in the Boston Celtics dressing room at Air Canada Centre.  "I watched a Boston player briefly dance around the room with a long, Styrofoam roll pad between his legs as a young woman tried to interview Jeff Green," wrote Kelly. But the strange thing is that Kelly actually took the opposite side of the argument in his column.

Grapes then attempted to cite recent polls that revealed the public agreed with his stance, but he was jumping all over the place. His point was that he's not alone here, and he's right about that.

But why should women who are willingly entering rooms be banned? They're adults and it's their choice, right? Cherry is right in that there are clearly some bad apples in pro sports locker rooms who are rude and sexist and disrespectful, but his solution is to punish those who are already being victimized. As Ron MacLean said in the above exchange, "the players have got to obey the law." 

So if anything, pro sports teams and leagues should crack down further on the athletes, rather than altering the system and ruffling feathers in order to placate those who are at fault.

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