What's happening in Miami with the bullying controversy surrounding Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin has taken many complex turns this week.  Many players on the Dolphins roster have taken to defending Incognito while placing Martin as further and further of an outcast.

The story has also taken a few ridiculous turns along the way, and the fact that this has crossed over from a "sports" story to a national news story is a key reason.

Perhaps that media crush is why Dolphins WR Brian Hartline said this, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post:



The media is just trying to do their job in reporting what is a huge national story.  For Dolphins players to trivialize what really happened in that locker room speaks poorly to whatever culture does truly exist there.

While this does create the amusing mental image of Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen physically intimidating men three times their size, perhaps it's best if everyone involved pumped the brakes a bit on their claim for victimhood in this story, especially since there's still only one person who reportedly had to check themselves into a hospital because their emotional distress was that severe.

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