Doc Emrick takes cheeky shot at Obamacare website

It's not very often you hear sports announcers drift into politics.  When they do, it's usually to disastrous results (see James, Craig).  In fact, sports and politics are separated almost as rigidly as church and state.  One is supposed to be kept out of the other… except when ESPN goes and hires Rush Limbaugh, of course.

That's why it was a surprise to see the esteemed voice of the NHL, Doc Emrick, wade into those waters with this cheeky dig at the epic fail that is, the Obamacare website that's been about as functional as the Jacksonville Jaguars this season.  I take that back, at least Jacksonville has won one game.


“Washington, where the hockey team’s web site works, and so do the special teams.”  

You know things are bad when hockey announcers of all people are getting in on the act of making fun of  And give Doc credit, that was a pretty good line too.  When Jon Stewart takes his next vacation from The Daily Show, perhaps he should get Doc Emrick to fill in for him!

(H/T DC Sports Bog)

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