Specifically, Doug Gottlieb should not mess with Garrick Sherman. His offhanded comment about Sherman's beard did not go over well, however Sherman OWNED Dougie with his response. This was of course in reference to the following (via SB Nation): 

Gottlieb was expelled from Notre Dame after 27 games. Why? He was charged with a felony for stealing his roommates' credit cards and racking up over $1,000 in stolen goods. He sat out the remainder of his transfer year and eventually committed to Oklahoma State to play out the remainder of his collegiate career.

While Sherman may have been particularly ornery over ND's last minute loss to Ohio State on Saturday, Gottlieb should probably keep any negative thoughts about ND and/or its players to himself, because, yea.

I guess people who have been expelled from Notre Dame shouldn't throw leprechauns. Or something.


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