After trying to refute his Duke bias, the Wall Street Journal also published a lengthy interview and profile with ESPN college basketball analyst and Hall of Famer Dick Vitale.  Love or hate Vitale, the read is worth your time as it's an in-depth profile of one of the larger-than-life personalities in sports.

Buried deep within the piece is this very interesting tidbit that confirms the 73 year old Vitale is going nowhere anytime soon:

ESPN recently told him that he "has a job for life," Mr. Vitale says (and the press office confirms). Better watch out, he adds, because "I'm never going to retire."  

I know what you're thinking, but this isn't all bad.  Away from the mic, Vitale is a charitable guy and a great ambassador for college basketball who's even willing to go back and forth with fans and critics alike on Twitter.  Behind the mic, he's going to keep this website in business for a long time.


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