While we may poke fun at Dick Vitale for his Duke homerism, crazy schtick, and cheerleading behind the microphone, but he's one of the legit nicest guys you'll ever see in sports.  Vitale has raised millions of dollars for the V Foundation and his unconditional positivity isn't just an act.  That's why I have to think Vitale didn't mean any harm with this tweet during last night's victory for the Spurs over the Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, although it turned out to be one of the inadvertent funniest tweets of the year.

The Spurs completed a 4th quarter comeback thanks to Tony Parker, who scored 10 of his game high 21 in the period, including an insane Curly Neal banker to seal the 92-88 victory with a few seconds to go.  Parker was the star of last night's game and Dick VItale praised the point guard in a tweet to his ex – Eva Longoria.  The Desperate Housewives star divorced Parker in 2010, and there were even reports about Parker cheating on Longoria with Brent Barry's wife.

That didn't stop Dickie V from sending this tweet…

You don't see too many people saying, "your ex is AWESOME BABY" in everyday life now, do you?  Imagine someone going up to Tom Cruise and talking about how great of an actress Katie Holmes is.  Maybe Vitale thought there was no harm in the tweet because Longoria said she was still a Spurs fan (if so, that's some kind of dedication to your team).

Then again, maybe he just got caught up in the excitement of the moment.  That would be a Dick Vitale thing to do.

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