Dick Stockton thinks a bricked shot went in

During Tuesday's Mavericks-Clippers game, veteran announcer Dick Stockton had a pretty egregious announcing flub that he covered up pretty quickly. In the third quarter, Mike James of the Mavericks hoisted up a three that bounced off the front of the rim and into the arms of Blake Griffin. Stockton called the shot like it was a made three, and it took a second for him to realize it didn't go in as the crowd didn't cheer and the Clippers moved the ball up the court without inbounding the ball.

Stockton's recovery was classic, and his broadcast partner Chris Webber helped him out.

Stockton: "Or missed the three, excuse me. Came off the rim. I think you would have heard a bigger cheer…"
Webber: "Yeah, but I thought it went in too"
Stockton: "Don't you think they would have cheered? Why would they be so quiet?"

Even though it was a glaring blooper, Stockton recovered and was able to have a laugh about it. Thankfully for Stockton, it didn't happen for the last shot of the game.

[via Guyism]

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