David Wilson, Rueben Randle exchange shots on Twitter


Ed Note: The following New York Giants "Twitter War" comes courtesy Bloguin's national NFL hub This Given Sunday and our own Brad Gagnon.

It was clearly light-hearted, but that didn't make it any less weird to see two embattled young New York Giants take shots at each other on Twitter Tuesday night. After all, the Giants are 0-6 and David Wilson and Rueben Randle — picked first and second in last year's draft — have both made a few notable mistakes along the way. 

It all started when Randle retweeted Wilson's fairly positive tweet, adding "hell up."


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I'm old, so I had to look this up. But Urban Dictionary says it essentially means "shut up." 

This is what ensued…

Randle responded with a picture…

Which garnered this response…  


And on…

Things appear to get personal…


Finally the kill shot…


And the final response…

They clarified that they were basically just having fun…  

But that didn't make this any less entertaining for fans following along, mainly because it was sort of a peak inside the locker room. Would it have been easier for fans to laugh about if the Giants were 6-0, rather than 0-6? Sure, but let's keep in mind that these guys are both 22 years old. Tom Coughlin might prefer that they razz each other being close doors, but they don't deserve to take heat for this.

I'm betting they still will….

UPDATE: And like manna from the heavens, here's Mike Francesa's take on the Giants Twitter spat via WFANAudio:

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