Arizona Cardinals defensive linemen Darnell Dockett is one of the more controversial tweeters in sports with zero filter.  There was the time he tried to court Katherine Webb and the time he live tweeted a police stop amongst many examples.  

This time though, Dockett leaped over acceptable social media boundaries by channelling his inner Jason Whitlock.  Dockett tweeted this highly offensive "joke" on Friday.

Wow.  The sad thing is some 6th grader probably thought of that joke 5 years ago and Darnell Dockett just found it and thought THAT'S THE GREATEST THING EVER.

But don't worry, he totally clarified things by making it clear he's not a racist.  He just likes jokes that racists might tell, and sharing them with his 160k followers.  BIG.  DIFFERENCE.

Dockett also says he won't apologize and that people should love him because – NFL jock + edgy jokes = universal adoration.

Oh, and one last thing for the outrage police.  It's your problem you're getting all worked up about these unfunny, terrible jokes and not sending Darnell Dockett Christmas cards thanking him for the joy and happiness his Twitter account brings to small children all over the world.

Can Roger Goodell strip someone of their Twitter account under league rules?  I would actually support that in this case.


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