Friday night NASCAR held their season ending awards banquet.  To liven up the affair, comedian and Fox Sports radio host Jay Mohr was brought in to serve as host and deliver a monologue.  Comedians at sports awards banquets aren't an all-too common occurrence, so perhaps that's why one of Mohr's targets, Danica Patrick, did not appear to be amused by the jokes at her expense.

Mohr poked Patrick for her lack of NASCAR victories and her relationship with fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  Danica barely cracked an awkward smile during the roasting while Stenhouse stared blankly off into the distance.  Both looked like they wanted to either strangle Mohr or crawl under the table and hide in the earth's crust.

This was fantastic.  The roasting and not the unnecessary apologizing and hand-wringing afterwards.  We could all use a bit more comedy and levity in our lives and the ability to make fun of one another without it being a life or death issue.  Did Mohr really have to go on stage and explain the concept of an awards show monologue?

Could you imagine how much better the Heisman Trophy ceremony or Home Depot College Football Awards Show would be if they brought in a comedian to roast Nick Saban, Mack Brown, and the like?  It would be phenomenal.  Of course, Saban would probably incinerate the comedian with his fiery laser death stare.  But still though, it would be great TV.

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