The Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Stars engaged in an extremely brief, yet extremely amusing battle on Twitter in an exchange that would have made most grade school students proud. It all started when the Dallas Cowboys tried a rather weak attempt to be edgy (as you can see above) in an effort that riled up baseball fans as well as nearby fans of the Dallas Stars.

The Dallas Stars weren't going to take the shot lightly. Their clever rebuttal was a direct slam on Tony Romo.


The Cowboys then ended the schoolyard shenanigans, with the following apology:

As you'd expect, the Cowboys deleted the controversial Tweet, claiming it was sent "accidentally."  You know, because the person running the account must have accidentally thought of the message, accidentally typed it and then accidentally clicked send. There's always the possibility that the individual(s) running the account weren't smart enough to separate their work and personal accounts in the Twitter client they use, which would be a solid indication that maybe that person shouldn't be responsible for such an important piece of PR equipment, sending accidental tweets to over half a million people.

(H/T to Josh Batelli for the screengrab)

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