Do you need more Bob Costas in your life, baseball fans? Well, MLB Network has you covered. Starting on January 14th and continuing for five weeks until February 11th, MLB Network will air a classic baseball movie each Monday. Each one will be preceded by a half hour long interview between Costas and someone related to the film, typically the star or the director. discussing the evening's featured film.  Here's a list of shows this winter:

January 14th: Cobb, with interviews of actor Tommy Lee Jones and director Ron Shelton
January 21st: The Bad News Bears, with an interview of actress Tatum O'Neil
January 28th: A League of Their Own, with interviews of actress Geena Davis and director Penny Marshall
February 4th: Eight Men Out, with an interview of director John Sayles
February 11th: The Natural, with an interview of director Barry Levinson

The idea is a unique one, but let's be honest: MLB Network is just trying to throw content together before Spring Training begins in February, and it's really easy to film a half hour long interview and air a movie in comparison to airing a three hour block of MLB Tonight. I guess the logic is that Monday Night Football is over for the year, and MLB Network will look to grab part of that audience with classic baseball movies.

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