Clinton Portis must not have been on Santa's Nice List, because the day after Christmas, he got a speeding ticket in the midst of a live radio interview.

Here are the details of the situation, according to FTW:

Apparently the trooper was not impressed with Portis’ NFL credentials. While it was never established what team the trooper rooted for, the radio hosts did express concern he was a Ravens fan.

Portis was speeding while talking on his cell sans Bluetooth so ended up with not one, but two tickets – though Portis did not specify what the second ticket was actually for. 

CP was trying to be nice and call in to his former teammate Fred Smoot's radio show on 106.7 The Fan, and ended up with two traffic violations.

The hosts were incredulous though, and I quote "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE GAVE HIM A TICKET. IT'S CLINTON PORTIS!"

We don't condone speeding or unsafe driving, and it's good to know the trooper who pulled him over did not give him a pass for being an NFL player. If he needs advice on how to pay them, though, he should take advice from Randy Moss: straight cash, homey. 

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