Despite a very enjoyable third installment of 60 Minutes Sports, the highlight of the hour may have come in the preview teaser for next month's episode which will have a feature on Chris Berman. While the selection of Berman as a featured story has not gone over well with some, I'm looking forward to it as I literally spit water out of my mouth upon my first glance at Boomer's ridiculous wallet and NEED to know more about this.

Upon the topic of his wallet being brought up Berman responded with "It's my Blackberry." As you'll see below, he's selling it a bit short as George Costanza's line of "It's an organizer, a secretary, and a friend," seems more inline with just how much capacity and utilization Berman is subjecting his wallet to. 


I am happy to make a sizeable donation to the Jimmy V foundation to get a total of inventory of everything that is inside that wallet. Other questions that are racing through my head include:

How old is this wallet? Does Berman have back problems? Does he have this on set? When he golfs? Would a three fold wallet maybe help? Maybe a debit card?

Below a cautionary tale for Berman below as pushing the limits of leather's stretchability and paper's flexibility can often end in disaster.

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