ESPN personnel are notoriously restricted from appearing on rival radio shows, particularly The Dan Patrick Show.  It's as rare as seeing Ray Lewis give a no comment.  In fact, ESPNers usually only appear on Patrick's show once they leave the Bristol City Limits.  (Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle, Doug Gottlieb, etc.)  That's why one of the most surprising interviews of Super Bowl week was ESPN mainstay Chris Berman (one of the few untouchable folks in Bristol) breaking ranks to sit down with Patrick.  

Berman is a surprisingly interesting and compelling interview.  It's fascinating to see him without the schtick dialed up to 15 and talk like a real person and not a caricature.  It's a wide ranging interview that talks Berman and Patrick's history at ESPN, how ESPN has evolved, and Berman's career.  Dare I say if this Chris Berman appeared more regularly on ESPN airwaves instead of the rumbling, bumbling "Boomer" it'd be a refreshing change.

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