Chael Sonnen was in Bristol on Tuesday going through the ESPN car wash to promote his light heavyweight title fight with Jon Jones on Saturday at UFC 159. At the end of his interview with Sage Steele on SportsCenter, Sonnen went into hard sell mode, and it all began with him asking to feel Steele's hair. After confirming that the anchor's hair was real and that he loves it, Sonnen admitted he doesn't hate anyone, especially women…and then looked towards the camera in the style of The Rock, raising his eyebrow towards the camera.

The sales pitch for the fight was even more impressive, considering that Sonnen is a 6:1 underdog and that Jones isn't too much on his end to promote his title defense. Just with his words, Sonnen is coming off as the more confident, favored fighter, even though the common belief is that he's going to get smashed by Jones. 

Fighters everywhere could take a lesson from Sonnen's brash, albeit eccentric, personality. His ability to push the fight like no other is something that is invaluable to the UFC, and him overcoming the odds and winning the title would be a huge boon towards fight cards for the rest of the year for the company.

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