CBS Sports Network announcer tries to help terrible game

Tuesday night CBS Sports Network Debbie Antonelli went the extra mile to try and help viewers at home watching Rutgers-Syracuse.  The score at the half was 19-15 Rutgers as both teams combined to shoot 22.2% from the field.  Antonelli left the booth and went to the scorers table to try and select a new game ball and change the offensive luck of both teams.  An unorthodox step and one I've never seen attempted before by an analyst.  (I particularly enjoy the puzzled look by the gentleman wondering what's going on.)  Although the refs switched out Antonelli's ball of choice, the extra effort payed off – the teams combined for 69 second half points as Syracuse scored a 58-45 victory.

If only we could get whoever's calling the next Wisconsin game to try this…

Matt Yoder

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