Hockey fans are programmed to pound the glass. Why do they do that? Maybe it's to produce as much noise as possible or maybe it's to try to distract the opponent while supporting your team. No one really knows. If you frown on it, you've probably never done it. The lone issue is that broadcasts usually pick up the noise, resulting in an annoying sound that lasts throughout the game.

At least it's not as bad as what happened to the CSNNE studio after Boston's epic Game 7 victory. With their studio set up right outside the TD Garden, Boston fans poured out in front of the stadium and out in front of the studio. As Tony Amonte and Michael Felger offered their thoughts on the game, fans came up to the studio's windows and rattled them much as they would to the glass inside the Garden. 

A big win mixed with a big crowd and big windows is a recipe for hilarity. Cut these fans a break. They're just doing what comes naturally.

(H/T The Nosebleeds)

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