Brent Musburger signed a giant photo of Katherine Webb at Iowa State tonight

Every time you thought the Brent Musburger-Katherine Webb story had reached its logical conclusion, it's given one last breath of life.  The latest comes from Ames, Iowa where one Iowa State student (@MattMumISU) asked the ESPN broadcaster to sign what looks to be a humongous picture of a swimsuit-clad Webb.  Naturally, not only did Musburger oblige, he also took a picture.  It's unknown at this time whether Brent added the "She's a 10" line or merely just signed his name underneath it.  Regardless, one has to think he endorses it…

Webb has certainly made the most of her impromptu celebrity over the last couple months, but it looks like Musburger is still enjoying the notoriety as well.  No word yet on whether or not ESPN has apologized for the autograph.

[H/T @tommylang1630]

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