Boston mayor Thomas Menino bungles more Patriots names

Long-time Boston mayor Thomas Menino has a history of flubbing names of various Boston athletes, including (but not limited to) Wes Wekler, Varitek splitting the uprights, and KJ and Hondo. Menino was at it again on Wednesday before the Patriots take on the Ravens in Sunday's AFC Championship game, mentioning the name "Vince Wilcock" and saying that "Gonk is hurt".

Even while holding a piece of paper that presumably had the names of the players he was talking about on it, Menino still managed to uphold his seemingly annual tradition of horribly botching the names of Boston's beloved sports figures. On the bright side, he did get the names "Tom Brady", "Stevan Ridley", and "Aaron Hernandez" correct, though none of those three names are as potentialy difficult as "Wilfork" (whose jersey he happens to be wearing!!!) or the monosyllabic "Gronk". 

It's tough to be upset anymore, because it's become such a tradition. All we can really do is shake our heads and laugh at this point.

[CSN New England]

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