Over the last two months, Bob Costas has come under fire for his comments on gun control. But while he's veered into the political and football ends of the spectrum this year, his bread and butter has always been baseball. MLB Network has been spotlighting his interview skills in Costas at the Movies in recent weeks, and Costas delved into his major passion once again on Saturday. The funeral service for Baseball Hall of Famer Stan Musial took place Saturday, and Costas eulogized the Cardinals legend at the service.

The 19 minute eulogy performed by Costas was just as personal as it was professional. Costas didn't just eulogize Stan Musial, the elite baseball player. He eulogized Stan Musial, the man beloved by his family and community. I strongly recommend watching the video and/or reading the transcript of the eulogy, because it is an absolute testament to not only the greatness of Stan Musial as a person, but a testament to just how powerful of a speaker Bob Costas is when he's not confined to a minute at halftime of Sunday Night Football. At the end of the day, Costas is an extremely talented, eloquent speaker, and his eulogy of Musial proved that in spades.


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