Bob Costas is a fantastic sports journalist, but geez Bob, lighten up a little bit!  Costas was on hosting duties for NBC's coverage of the US Open this weekend which meant little more than cut-ins with important thoughts and a couple highlights just to remind viewers that this was a big event because Bob Costas was there.

One of Costas' functions was to read a highlight for an afternoon game between the awful Cubs and terrible Mets – a game in which the Mets won 4-3 on a walkoff home run by Kirk Nieuwenhuis.  

The Mets were happy they won.  

Bob Costas was not happy that the Mets were happy:

I'm sure this is Bob Costas trying to be funny and cute and maybe even poking fun at his own "get off my lawn" persona when it comes to athletes expressing themselves when playing a game… but isn't there a little bit of truth in every bit of sarcasm?

I mean really, if we're going to dump all over how meaningless this game and celebration are, why even bother showing the highlight aside from fulfilling our contractually obligated Bob Costas Moment Of Unctuousness.

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