It seems as if every athlete is required to attempt a Harry Caray impression at some point during their career. Typically, these impressions – for better or worse – are contained within the world of baseball. Blake Griffin broke that mold, giving a pretty decent Caray impression to Grayson Gregory from 810 CBS Sports Radio. 

Gregory had heard Griffin doing the impression for Lamar Odom following a game, and then requested that the star provide a bit more so that he could record it. Griffin obliged, resulting in the video above. Griffin's impression was so good that it provoked a giggle and "knucks" from another reporter.  

All in all, not too bad from Griffin. Aside from his work in the NBA and his numerous enjoyable commercials, I suppose you can add "Decent Harry Caray Impressionist" to Griffin's resume. 

(H/T Larry Brown Sports)

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