Announcer pleads with team to foul when tied

This clip comes from a week ago when New Mexico State played Colorado State, but it's such an incredible announcing blunder, we are contractually obligated to share it with you.

The Aggies make a free throw to tie the game at 83-83, and analyst Joe Cravens is adamant that New Mexico State should have fouled Colorado State.  The Rams take the ball down the court for the winning layup, but the entire time Cravens is screaming at New Mexico State to foul.  Even while the play is being reviewed, Cravens is adamant that New Mexico State should have fouled.


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"I have no idea why the Aggie player didn't foul right there.  You've gotta foul there!  Wow."

"I don't know whether he had the score confused or not… that has got to be a foul.  I talked about a learning experience here… I had know idea what Daniel Mullins was thinking at that time."

There's someone who definitely has the score confused here, and it's not anyone on the court.

"Score tied 83-83 with 7 seconds left, there is only one option in all of the world there, you have to foul on the catch and they had a great guy to foul."

One option???  Have you ever seen a team intentionally foul in that situation?  Did Joe Cravens try to learn basketball from a Washington Generals tutorial???

The play by play man tries to talk some sense into Cravens, but to no avail.  He continues to argue that the only sensible thing in the world would have been New Mexico State intentionally fouling when tied and voluntarily giving Colorado State 2 free throws to try and take the lead.

"Really you had no choice as to who you want to foul with 7 seconds left, you have to go for a steal and then foul immediately."

Simply amazing.  He's the only person I've ever seen vehemently argue in favor of intentionally fouling when tied in the final seconds to try and lose the game.

Of course, Colorado State did make a layup to win the game on the possession, so maybe he knew what he was talking about.

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