Andrew McCutchen interviews Anthony Bourdain

Andrew McCutchen is one of the brightest stars in baseball, and the Pirates are actually doing a pretty good job at marketing him. Recently, McCutchen interviewed TV chef Anthony Bourdain for a segment called All-Stars with Andrew McCutchen, something that will likely be a nice time filler during Pirates notebook programming and during rain delays. Sure enough, the team had a rain delay in Thursday's game with the Cubs, and aired most of the interview on Root Sports.

The interview itself wasn't really deep or insightful in any way, but McCutchen at least showed off his personality, and wasn't terrible while asking Bourdain questions. Perhaps the best part of the interview was Bourdain talking about ballpark food, and what changes he'd make if he were a team owner.

This is at least worth a watch, and hopefully the series continues with McCutchen interviewing other luminaries making stops in Pittsburgh. At worst, he's making himself some more future money in endorsements and media career.

[CBS Pittsburgh]

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