There once was a man named Reilly,
His work used to be regarded highly.
He once was quick as a pistol,
Then got hired by Bristol.

He was a good writer,
He once could be proud.
But now he writes jokes,
that make me curse aloud.

Money became his muse,
So recycled columns he did use
And he'll continue to collect his paycheck wryly.

He fell off the wagon,
Although he keeps braggin,
Even when he keeps writing quite dryly.

He bloviates poetically,
Though he does poorly phonetically,
Inventing words to fit his awful rhyme,
Reilly wasticated all of our time.

They put him on shows,
Now his work blows,
And God only knows,
How much lower he goes.

Rick Reilly has spent
Many years at the top
Which is rather amazing
When he produces such slop.

Never call him a quitter,
Because he breaks news on Twitter.

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