Remember on Wednesday, when we talked about Alex Rodriguez shopping a book and getting offers of over $5 million? Well, everything doesn't appear to be on the up and up there, according to the New York Daily News.

A recent published report has the embattled slugger “about to seal a multimillion dollar deal for a tell-all book” chronicling his feud with Major League Baseball in the Biogenesis scandal, and that two major publishing houses are “battling for the real A-Rod story,” with Rodriguez set to rake in an advance of at least $5 million.

Only problem is, neither Random House nor HarperCollins — the two houses mentioned in the report — seem to have heard of the Rodriguez book project, according to multiple high-ranking publishing sources.

“It’s totally fake,” said one publishing insider. The insider also said no house would be foolish enough to plunk down that kind of money for an A-Rod book project given the risks.

Isn't this an interesting, completely unexpected development? Plant a rumor about a book deal, get MLB to sweat, have your suspension get overturned, and BAM, everything is great in the world of Alex Rodriguez. Except when, you know, that rumor is debunked in a matter of days and you've got egg on your face.

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