Below is a clip from the Nielsen Tennis Pro Championship, better known as the Winnetka Challenger. Given this event is held "intermittently" per its Wikipedia page and the listed prize money is only $50,000, I'm guessing this isn't exactly a must see event for tennis diehards. But thankfully it's enough of a draw where there is some television coverage which allows us to relive this must see clip.

For a sub 2 minute video, there is a lot of good stuff here including:

– A 20 second rally at a critical part of that match that abruptly ends in some controversy.

– Great inadvertent foreshadowing with "Oh wow", "Oh no", and "Oh wow" uttered by the announcers as if they know what's coming next.

– A very brief and oddly calm exchange with the chair umpire that ends in Bogomolov retiring from the match AND shaking his hand thanking him.

– An exit that includes a now shirtless Bogomolov gathering his equipment efficiently, congratulating his bewildered opponent (1:05 in the video), and of course giving the chair umpire a parting "Go fuck yourself". 

– The perfect summary line of "I've been watching tennis for 22 years and I don't think I've ever seen that particular sequence of events ever occur."

Personally I give this whole thing a lot of style points. He didn't raise his voice and he shook hands with his opponent as well the umpire who he also gave a hollow thank you to. Given the amount of athletes we see going absolutely nuts and getting tossed, it's refreshing to see a guy have some composure and hit the showers on his own terms. Extra bonus points for the efficiency of the whole thing. 


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