Apparently this "former NBA player/coach/whatever turned executive producer for whatever reason thing" is becoming a trend. First, LeBron James decided to help develop a pseudo-reality show with Starz, and now we have Phil Jackson teaming up with Showtime. reports:

Showtime is developing a one-hour scripted drama set behind the scenes of a pro basketball team and the family that runs it, and the network is working with people in the know to make it happen. Bull Durham and White Men Can’t Jump writer-director Ron Shelton is set to pen, helm and executive produce the project, from Lakers exec Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis’ Street Reason Entertainment. Phil Jackson, the former Lakers coach who led them to five NBA titles, will also exec produce as will Kurt Rambis, the former Lakers star and now assistant coach.

Just like LeBron's show isn't technically about LBJ, this show isn't technically about the Lakers, even though both Starz and Showtime are going directly to the sources. You can't get more Lakers than Phil Jackson, and Jeanie Buss, his fiancee, is also the daugther of the former owner, Jerry Buss. 

It will be interesting to see which show has staying power. Showtime has an entire team to draw from, although we beg them to steer clear of the Lamar Odom (aka Mr. Khloe Kardashian) years, while Starz is focusing on a fictional player that is really LeBron James. 

Maybe this is the best of both worlds for Jackson, who retired from coaching but still loves the game. He can bring his expertise to a show that has the potential to be compelling, and if it flops, well he has about 27 NBA titles and his Twitter account, so it still wouldn't matter.


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