Adam Schefter to be featured in Madden 25

ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter will reportedly be featured in some capacity of this summer's release of Madden 25. Schefter's involvement came about because of a tweet from Madden creative director Michael Young to Schefter, thanking him for his work with the game this week. A fan asked Young when more details of Schefter's role with the game, and Young more or less confirmed that we'd know more on May 20th.

Now, what exactly will Schefter's role within the game be? In last year's release of Madden, Trey WIngo was featured during NFL Draft segments, reading bios of players during the Draft. I'd assume Schefter could have a similiar role during the Draft segments of the game, and possibly during free agent segments as well due to his reporting background.

At any rate, it just seems like more window dressing from EA that doesn't solve the real problem of stale, unimaginative gameplay. Last year's edition of Madden was poorly received by fans (though not critics) and unless there's a huge overhaul, I don't think the inclusion of Schefter is going to be a gamechanger, even considering how fantastic of a reporter he is. It's going to take more than a prominent NFL insider to overcome that whole "Worst Company in America" title.


Joe Lucia

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