The AA Podcast is back after a not-so-brief hiatus and to bring us out of hibernation we welcome The Gaffer, Christopher Harris, of EPL Talk. EPL Talk is one of the top independent soccer blogs on the web and The Gaffer is one of the most respected and influential voices when it comes to the soccer media and announcers. With Gus Johnson's installation as Fox's top soccer announcer looking ahead to the 2018 World Cup, we ask Chris what he makes of the decision and whether or not the experiment can work. We dive into Johnson's first month announcing as well as…

-The motivation for Fox to reach a new demographic through Johnson.
-Is there a need for an American soccer voice? Were there others passed over for Johnson?
-The strengths and weaknesses of Gus' soccer play by play.
-Why The Gaffer feels scocer fans are "being used as guinea pigs for this experiment." -The EPL's move to NBC and the end of an era for Fox Soccer.
-Is Manchester United's title lead over Manchester City insurmountable?
-What MLS needs to do to catch up to the EPL as a television product.

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